Rescue Stories - Louise and Rosie

Louise and Pixie

Pixie came into rescue as a short term foster, estimate 2 weeks. She was a Grumpy Growling tiny little girl and twisted on her lead when we tried to walk her. On her vets assessment it transpired she needed a full dental, she dribbled constantly although we put that down to her overshot jaw at the time, she also needed spaying but worse to come she needed both back legs correcting with major surgery with defects she was born with, she chewed her knees with the pain. She was so sad. It was decided to sort the spay & dental first, then the worst right leg, then the left. It was a long 6 months but after her dental she stopped dribbling and even started to fill out, I could no longer feel her spine and she seemed to grow into her ears, head & paws. Fixing her legs was tough on her, she was so brave and I think she knew we were helping her, she started to trust us. This process began in June 2018, 6 months later in Jan 2019 Pixie was discharged. She is now a different dog! Happy, bouncy and loving life walking & running. Naturally we become failed fosters as we had been through so much together, we decided to give her a new name for a fresh start, she loves her new name... Rosie 🌹