Rescue Stories - Jeanette and Tootsie

Jeanette and Tootsie 

The night Tootsie arrived into rescue she was very dirty and unbearably itchy. We don't know how long she had been like this but her beautiful coat had been hacked at and her skin was so sore it bled. She was bathed immediately to soothe her skin and taken for emergency vet treatment. We were not provided with a complete vetrinary record for Tootsie and what was provided had been doctored we did not have her correct age or medical history. After some investigation it came to light this tiny 1.5kg girl was 5 years old and had been used many times over for breeding. Tootsie was treated for a month for her skin, she had a full dental and teeth removed plus we we still do not know if this tiny girl is spayed. Her foster home that became her forever home was her 3rd home in less than 9 months, and her second home within a month. This poor little soul was sad and shut down as seen in below left photo. She did not respond to the name rescue had been given and she was terrified of harness and leash having never been taken for a walk, she would twist and scream in fear. CRUK met the costs of Tootsie's medical needs over many weeks and love and patience was met in her foster home.Tootsie now weighs a healthy 1.9kg happily goes on walks with her forever mummy everyday and is happy member of a pack, she is not sad and shut down anymore and is learning new things such as playing and learning tricks. A special darling girl saved and loved by Anne Preston and CRUK and now cherished in her forever home with a family of her own.